A Crayford woman has shaved her hair off after her dad recently lost his battle with cancer.

Patricia Reynolds, 38, of Wolsey Close, had The Crayford Clipper, a hairdressers, open especially for her yesterday (February 14) and says the day was a huge success.

This Is Local London:

Patricia Reynolds holding a portrait of her late dad

The M&S worker raised over £600 for Cancer Research and was happy to do her dad Peter Reynolds proud after he passed away on February 4.

She told News Shopper: “It was a great and really successful day. Around 30 people were there and it took 45 minutes to do.

“I actually like my new look – it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

This Is Local London:

Miss Reynolds with her dad Peter Reynolds in hospital 

“My dad would be proud of me and I miss him so much. I was expecting myself to get emotional but I kept it all in check.

“I found out that he had died when I was at a tattoo shop and I got the call telling me to come over.”

This Is Local London:

Mr Reynolds, 69, was diagnosed with the disease in November 2014 and the doctors gave him a year to live.

He came through unscathed but had a stroke on November 13 last year after finding out his 94-year-old mum had passed away – he was rushed to King’s College Hospital.

Two days later, he suffered a major stroke and was paralysed up until the day he died – his cancer, caused by asbestos, was incurable.

This Is Local London:

Miss Reynolds was quick to thank the people who made the event possible.

The mum-of-five said: “I want to thank everyone for all the sponsors and for turning up on the day.

“A big thanks must go to the hairdressers, too, who did really well by organising it all.

This Is Local London:

“They advertised my story in their shop and managed to get me four sponsors.

“I’m just so grateful to everyone who made this possible.”