How would you react if a supposed council jobsworth tried to impose ludicrous fees on you for everyday activities?

This was the scenario confused people around London faced when a fake local authority warden set out to get the public paying charges for taking selfies, having their lunch on a bench or jogging in a park.

Watch the video below to see how he got on when he pulled the prank at spots around the capital including Westminster Bridge, Clapham Common and Fitzroy Square.

The hidden-camera video was commissioned by London-based broadband provider Relish.

It wanted to highlight “ridiculous” hidden charges imposed on consumers by broadband providers.

Relish’s chief marketing officer Will Harnden said: “Our video, although intentionally light-hearted, demonstrated that people do feel aggrieved and confused if they are hit with unexpected charges and price hikes.

“As Brits face more cost increases in the coming months, we hope the message in the video encourages customers to check the terms of their broadband contract before they sign it.”