If Carlsberg did Christmas trees they would probably … oh never mind that – look, it’s a tree that dispenses free beer!

The company invited Londoners passing by the Southbank to “grab Christmas by the beer-bles” and help themselves to a drink from its 27ft fir.

This Is Local London: Carlsberg's Christmas tree that gave out free beerCarlsberg's Christmas tree that gave out free beer

In keeping with the theme, the tree was fitted with candle-lit beer bottles, digital festoon lighting and a large beer hop at the top.

Dharmesh Rana, senior brand manager at Carlsberg UK, said: “After an absolutely tree-mendous year, we’ve created a Christmas tree which just keeps on giving.”

This Is Local London:

The tree, which was sadly only up for one day on Friday, ends a creative year for Carlsberg.

It follows on from a billboard that also gave out free beers, a great response to the ‘beach body ready’ controversy and filming a funny football kickabout ad in a south London park.