HUNDREDS of people took to the streets last night to urge MPs against voting in favour of air strikes in Syria today.

Walthamstow residents of all ages, faiths and backgrounds stood together and marched from Queens Road Mosque to Stella Creasy’s constituency office in Orford Road, where they held a vigil.

The loud crowd chanted their way through the streets, calling on the government to vote against striking Syria, before falling silent to hear impassioned speeches on a ‘better way’ to defeat Daesh (ISIL).

Canon Steven Saxby from St Barnabas Church said: “This is about the voice of Walthamstow being heard by our MPs.

“We are ashamed of our government. Where is the compassion?

“Where is the solidarity with the refugees?”

Sophie Bolt from the Stop the War campaign said hundreds of people have written to Stella Creasy, urging her to vote no.

“We want to let Stella Creasy know how strongly we oppose air strikes in Syria,” she said.

“It will just make the situation far, far worse. They talk about strategic strikes – but they cannot stop innocent people, and children being killed.”

Irfan Akhtar spoke on behalf of the Waltham Forest Council of Mosques (WFCOM).

“I find it ridiculous that we are even debating this. ISIS came from the illegal war in Iraq, and they are not my words, those are the words of Barrack Obama.

“There are many more effective ways to defeat Daesh, starting by stopping their funding.”

In the crowds that gathered people said they were there to let MPs know how strongly they oppose war in Syria.

Dave Knight, President of Waltham Forest Trades Council said: “I am here because I am upset with the situation. This reflects the views of our community and we want to show that to our MP.”

Candles were light outside Stella Creasy’s office and post-it notes stuck on the door opposing a yes vote.

Raza Nadim from Muslim Public Affairs UK said: “We are here today to make our voices heard clearly, but do not let this be the end.

“Make it clear to your MP how you feel. If she doesn’t listen then let her know she has blood on her hands. And at the next election – she is out.”

Other speakers included councillors from the Labour party, representatives from Stand up to Racism, Linda Taaffe and religious leaders from around the borough.

Stella Creasy said she was undecided ahead of today’s vote.