The Tricolore flag flew at half-mast as a commemorative ceremony was held in Walthamstow last night in the wake of global terror attacks.

Hundreds attended to pay respects and remember the 132 victims in Paris, and those left behind, at the town hall in Forest Road.

MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy delivered a speech where she urged residents to send a “message of love and solidarity” to those who had lost loved ones in recent terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and Yola.

She said: “Tonight we stand here as people not with hate in our hearts but hope and love. We recognize the world that we wish to live in is one we want to be guided by those principles.

“That is not an easy challenge for us. This is a week of all weeks when it can feel hard and futile to be hopeful, to be loving.

“Let’s stand up to those who want to use fear. Who try to say this is God’s work.

“This kind of barbaric act has no foundation in religion.

“We are living in a different kind of world but it is together in our unity, in our love and in our hope that we will triumph and so will humanity. And in doing so, so will Liberte, Egalitie. Fraternite.”