Fans travelling to the FA cup final have pledged to boycott food and beverages at Wembley Stadium because of sky high prices.

Chelsea and Manchester United fans could end up paying as much as £8 for a burger meal and £10 for a programme at next Saturday's match.

Supporters are angry at the price of the programme, the merchandise and the refreshments at Wembley Stadium.

Kelvin Barker, one of the fans who spearheaded the Chelsea end of the Wembley boycott, told BBC London 94.9FM: "We probably could have swallowed the ticket prices.

"Because it is the FA Cup final and everybody wants to be there you expect to pay way over the odds to go to a cup final.

"But when you get another slap in the face when you find that you are having to pay £8 for a burger meal and I believe in the region of £10 for a programme we are unhappy about that really and we think that something needs to be done."

Fans handed out thousands of flyers asking supporters to join in with the boycott at both Chelsea and Manchester United's games on Sunday May 13.

Fans are also angry at the lack of tickets for the Chelsea v Manchester United Cup final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, May 19. Only 25,000 tickets have been allocated to supporters on each side and that means that 40,000 tickets are available to other fans and corporate representatives associated with wembley Stadium.

Fans have paid from between £35 to £95 for tickets to see the most important cup game in English football return to Wembley.