Urgh – the daily drudgery of commuting in London is a painful experience hundreds of thousands of people endure rather than enjoy.

One London Underground worker clearly understand this, and has made it her mission to bring a little sunshine into Tube passengers’ journeys.

Never mind the usual ‘Mind the gap’ notices, this particular friendly PA announcer recorded at Canary Wharf station appears to have a penchant for talking to – or at least at – commuters while they wait on the platform.

It’s about entertaining as well as informing.

In the video below filmed by passenger James Freiwirth, she can be heard saying in her American twang how she had read an article about what your morning beverage says about your personality.

“Are you ready to be stereotyped?” she cheerily asks, before launching into the results.

James was obviously chuffed with the Tube announcer’s efforts, stating on his Facebook post: “My favourite slightly bonkers american (canadian?) tube announcer is back with her random comments!”

We love this woman for trying to inject a little fun into the daily grind.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve heard a public transport announcer say or that you’ve seen on display at a station? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch by email