A notorious Gravesend prankster delivered a live pig to the front gates of Downing Street – claiming to be bringing home the bacon for David Cameron.

Joker Daniel Jarvis, of Whitehill Road, mocked the Prime Minister in his latest Trollstation Youtube video, in the wake of the 'pig gate' scandal.

It follows accusations that Mr Cameron inserted part of his private anatomy in a dead pig’s mouth, as part of his initiation into an Oxford University dining club.

In the video, the 26-year-old and a second man carry the porker in a metal cage, before engaging in a conversation with police guards outside the PM's home.

This Is Local London:

Tory donor Lord Ashcroft has made headlines with the accusations

The pranksters tell the shocked guards: "We’ve got a delivery for David Cameron," ignoring calls for them to "go away".

Jarvis' co-star then reads a note, supposedly from the Bullingdon club, and addressed to Mr Cameron.

This Is Local London:

He says: "If [Mr Cameron] can’t keep a secret, he’s no longer in the club.

"He's got until Thursday morning to bring back the jock strap, the gimp mask, the leather thongs, the ring and the pouch.

"Is it possible David comes out to the front?

"The guys are not impressed he couldn’t keep that secret.

"This is our last delivery, you’re gonna have to bring him out or someone has to sign for this."

The duo then release the squealing pig from his cage, pretending to leave him tied to the front gates.

The second man adds: "David should remember him anyway."

As shocked passers by exclaim "it’s a pig!" the pair respond "It’s not just any pig – it’s David Cameron’s pig.

"This is the actual pig David Cameron used for his initiation."


Mr Jarvis said the pig was not harmed during the filming, and was handed into the RSPCA shortly after filming.

When accused of cruelty by the guards, his co-star responded: "David is the one being cruel."