A fleet of stolen British cars were discovered in Uganda after police used a secret tracker to trace the looted vehicles, according to the National Crime Agency.

The discovery sheds more light on the end point of the vehicles, stolen to order by teenage gangs from homes around London and the south-east, fenced by 'Mr Bigs' and then stacked inside shipping crates.

A black Audi Q7 taken from Maidstone before Christmas 2010 was among the Range Rovers, Mercedes and BMWs found in a parking lot in Kampala this June, according to the Independent.

If your car was stolen in recent years - it is probably abroad as this video and story from last October show.

From October 2014: VIDEO: Stolen luxury cars from London and Surrey found stuffed inside crates to be shipped overseas

And it may have been stolen by teenagers using fishing poles

From 2011: Fast and foolish: Teenage car theft gang jailed

Paul Stanfield of the UK’s National Crime Agency, told The Independent: “We began to see an increase in the number of cars being stolen last autumn.

“A conservative estimate of the total value of motor vehicles stolen across England and Wales in the first three months of 2015 is around £100m, although not all are exported."

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