Thorpe Park’s award-winning Fright Night returns for its 14th ‘gorious’ year for Halloween with even more terrifying and ghoulish attractions.

Here’s just some of the terror that awaits:

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The Big Top

New this year and billed as ‘the greatest scare on Earth’, the circus comes to town. It includes a scare maze at an abandoned carnival on Amity Beach, with The Figaro Bros Carnival coming back to life to haunt those who dare trespass.

An ancient fortune teller will reveal your fate before you enter the hall of mirrors, but who else is watching? Amity Beach is also home to a creepy fun house, a torture chamber and game stalls with a twist. In the Big Top you’ll come face-to-face with a life-sized Jack-in-the-Box, clowns and a devilish ring master.

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The rollercoasters

Take a ride on five top rollercoasters into the night. There’s The Swarm – the UK’s first winged rollercoaster – as well as classics Stealth, Saw: The Ride, Nemesis Inferno and Colossus.

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The Blair Witch Project: Scare Zone

A previously unused wooded area of Thorpe Park has been renamed Burkittsville Village in honour of the classic horror film with scares coming among the natural surroundings and woodlands.

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Saw Alive: The Maze

Do you want to play a game? Come face-to-face with Jigsaw’s terrifying puppet and take on his nightmarish games in extreme live action maze inspired by the grisly movie series.

My Bloody Valentine: The Maze

There’s a murderer on the loose and you’ll find yourself in the horrific hospital ward before having to negotiate your way through the tunnels of an abandoned mine, neglected shacks and a pitch black forest.

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Cabin in the Woods: The Maze

The winner of the Best Halloween Scare Attraction SCARS award last year, the film-inspired maze tours a seemingly innocent rustic cabin which secretly unleashes nightmarishly hideous ‘beings’.

The mystery attraction

A new mystery scar is due to join the line-up, based on the nation’s top fear. People will have to escape under timed conditions.

The Fright Nights are on October 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 and from October 24 to November 2, with the park opening from 10am to 10pm and the Fright Night activities opening at 4pm.

Adult tickets cost from £25.99 while VIP packages are available an Overnight Experience costs from £249 for two and includes two day park tickets, parking, breakfast, free entry after closing to the new mystery attraction and priority ride access for the first hour of opening. Go to