A PERVERT who forced a homeless couple to perform sex acts, dance and do press-ups in return for loose change has been sentenced.

Adrian Cousins, 24, of Friern Barnet Lane, Friern Barnet, was branded as “very sick” by the judge at Harrow Crown Court as he was handed a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

He had pleaded guilty to intentionally encouraging an offence of outraging public decency.

Cousins, a father-of-one, posted footage on the internet of him demanding the couple to carry out humiliating tasks in a McDonald’s car park.

During the footage posted by Cousins he is heard ordering the man and woman to perform different tasks.

In the video, he said: "Make those motherf****** work for their money. Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, whatever burgers."

He posted the clip showing what he had done on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the suspended sentence and unpaid work, Cousins was ordered to attend thirty days of a thinking skills programme.

He was also ordered to pay £200 costs, plus a court charge and victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Dipan Varsani told the court: "The clip lasted seven minutes and Mr Cousins is in the video and is heard encouraging the female to perform various sexual acts in public.

"He encouraged the lady to expose her breasts while the man kissed them and he encouraged the woman to perform oral sex on the man."

In the video, the homeless couple are heard saying they are desperate for money.

Cousins is heard asking them: "What are you going to do for me to give you whatever coins I have?"

The couple then stand in front of Cousins' headlights, with the homeless man grinding against the woman as Cousins shouts: "Dance with each other. Slap that a**e.”

He then adds: "Both of you are going to do ten push-ups, I'm gonna give you money and gonna go… Actually no, 'cause you're a guy twenty. Twenty push-ups bro' twenty.”

The couple are heard saying they will do anything "within reason" for money, but are persuaded, despite their obvious reluctance, to perform sexual acts in front of the car.

Mr Varsani added: "Police were made aware of the offence by the national press and Mr Cousins gave himself up at Colindale Police Station.

"As far as he was concerned it was a joke that went too far and he lost his previous job and is embarrassed."

Recorder Peter Herbert said: "This is really very sick behaviour and not in any world is this a joke. The aggravating element is putting this on YouTube for all to see."

He told Cousins: "Why somebody should seek to exploit the vulnerable you only will know. There is no good explanation why people descend to that behaviour.

"You sought to exploit these two people for your own gratification. It is not a joke and you compounded it by putting it on YouTube.

"There are people out there who sadly find other people's suffering amusing."