A father had a lucky escape after a car stopped inches from him when it crashed through a fence, concrete shed, gas mains box and hit his newly-built extension.

Amer Sadiq, 36, was at home with his wife, Afsheen, and their three children when a car ended up against their extension wall after smashing through their neighbour's garden in Lukin Crescent, Chingford, on Wednesday night.

The Mazda 6 crashed as it came off the roundabout in Larkshall Road, and hit the kerb before skidding across a grass verge and crashing straight into the Sadiq family's extension.

The gas main box was crumbled against the extension wall along with debris from the wooden fence and the demolished concrete shed.

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Lucky escape: Mr Sadiq next to the extension wall that has to be torn down and re-built

The father-of-three was sitting against the extension wall when he "felt the vibration" as the car hit.

He said: "The extension was only completed a few days ago.

"I had my back against the wall when I heard screeching noises, then two loud bangs and then a massive thud.

"I went outside but I couldn't see a car, only skid marks on the grass and then I saw the car was literally in my wall.

"Next thing I smelt gas, so I told my wife and kids get up, get ready and get out.

"I was worried the car could explode - it could have been fatal.

"If the car hadn't hit the fence and shed, it would have come straight through my wall and hit me."

The emergency services arrived, including London Fire Brigade, who helped make the area safe until National Grid engineers arrived and turned off the gas supply.

Mrs Sadiq was upstairs putting the children to sleep when the drama unfolded.

"I heard him screaming gets the kids out," she said. 

"We were terrified.

"My husband is very lucky- it could have been a lot worse."

The driver was uninjured and was arrested by police on suspicion of drink driving.