Everyone knows there’s no bigger bad-ass than Sydenham’s very own Jason Statham.

The actor, who trained as a diver in Crystal Palace, has been delivering dramatic blows to his big screen opponents for more than 17 years – no crook, criminal or even, erm, gnome is safe from his right hook.

If, like us, you’ve ever wondered just how many punches Jason has thrown in his career, then you came to the right place.

An avid fan has scoured through the action man’s films, painstakingly counting every single face that has had the honour of meeting Jason’s knuckles.

YouTube user Burger Fiction tallied up the blows from 27 titles, including The Bank Job, Redemption and Death Race, to bring us the answer we all wanted…

So, just how many punches has Jason Statham ever thrown on screen? 264.