Squatters used a derelict bowling alley to host an illegal rave last Saturday night.

They entered the boarded up Megabowl building in Streatham Hill, south London, through a side door and revellers were charged £5 each to go in.

Some partygoers learned of the rave from details posted on the internet.

Police were called out in the early hours of Sunday morning after complaints from residents.

A spokesman said the squatters would be taken to court and should be evicted from the premises by the end of the week.

The two-storey building, which closed in August, is earmarked for part of a new shopping mall and housing development stretching from Megabowl to Somerfield supermarket.

Caesars nightclub owner Fred Batt is one of a consortium of developers due to submit a plan to Lambeth council's planning committee in May.