A logistics officer from Twickenham discovered a lump on her ovary was the remains of her unborn "twin", complete with a face, an eye and long black hair.

Mother-of-two Jenny Kavanagh, 45, visited the doctor to have a contraceptive coil implanted and was given an ultrasound of her ovaries due to her age, as reported by The Mirror.

Medics discovered a 10cm mass in her left ovary, which surgeons said was an undeveloped unborn twin.

The Mirror reported that Ms Kavanagh said she felt very lucky the mass was removed before it could rupture and cause her damage.

She said: "I try not to think of it too much because I don't want to feel sad about it.

"If I'm honest, I did feel sad when I first saw it, because of the size and weight of it, it had already been likened to a baby.

"But I try not to feel sad about it. I try to remember that it had no heart and no brain."

According to the article Ms Kavanagh moved to Cyprus with her then-husband in 2005 and had experienced no problems during either of her pregnancies.

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She underwent a three-hour procedure to remove the mass at The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus.

She said: "We cannot know for sure that it was an unborn twin, but the doctors said it most likely was a stem cell that I have had from birth.

"It is possible that there were twin embryos and one enveloped the other.

"The fact that it had long black hair - just like mine - a face, with one eye and one baby tooth makes it more believable.

"It's difficult to describe how I felt when I saw it. I felt shocked, very scared, horrified and it felt like an alien was inside me."

Ms Kavanagh, who has now made a fully recovery added: "When I showed the picture to my mum she was really sad - saw it as her unborn child, and my unborn twin."