Fans of classic sitcom Friends have had a very up and down day – first some news that couldn't BE any more exciting followed by many having their hopes dashed.

The exciting news came in the form of an announcement from Comedy Central UK about a five-day FriendsFest happening in east London next month.

Iconic New York spots from the ever-popular 90s and 00s show will be transferred to the Boiler House in Brick Lane between September 16 and 20.

Promising the “ultimate Friends experience”, the festival will give UK fans the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of much-loved characters Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe.

The highlight will be a full-scale set of Monica’s apartment that can be fully explored.

There will also be an exhibition of original props and memorabilia, a Central Perk-inspired cafe (including being able to have a photo taken on the famous sofa) and the chance to watch TV (episodes of Friends of course) Joey and Chandler style with your feet up relaxing on a big leather chair.

This Is Local London:

News of the festival coincides with Comedy Central retaining the rights to continue showing Friends in the UK for at least four four years.

Jill Offman, managing director of Comedy Central UK, said, “Friends is hugely popular, with almost 5.9 million people tuning in to watch it on Comedy Central each month.

“As we celebrate news that Comedy Central will remain the exclusive TV home of Friends, it’s great to give something special to fans and what better way than with FriendsFest.”

This Is Local London: Comedy Central's Friends Fest

Unfortunately the scale of the enduring love for the show that people have (many of whom wren;t even born when it was first broadcast) meant there was a lot of disappointed fans after the mad rush for tickets earlier today.

Going on sale at just £5 each from midday, they were snapped up in minutes.

If (like me) you're gutted about the event being sold out so soon there may be a glimmer of hope with Comedy Central teasing that there may be an announcement of more tickets or dates coming soon.

We can but hope as it would be a huge shame if some Friends addicts have to lose out.

Keep an eye on and @comedycentraluk for now.

Meanwhile, all 236 episodes of Friends are being shown in chronological order on weekdays starting on August 24.