A new winner of the ‘weirdest thing seen on the Tube’ was found this week when a woman brazenly ate her breakfast out of a briefcase.

The commuter, named as Jo Cummins, shocked fellow passengers when her normal looking case suddenly transformed into a mobile breakfast unit which she started eating cereal from.

Her case contained a fridge keeping her milk cold along with side compartments for a bowl and full set of cutlery.

The bizarre gadget also had an espresso maker, juice extractor, glass holder and thermos flask.

This Is Local London:

Before anyone gets too excited about this apparent Underground dining revolution and rushes to buy one of these incredible devices that could shave literally minutes off the morning routine, it’s worth pointing out the truth behind what was going on.

It was all a clever marketing stunt by Kellogg’s to mark the launch of its new range of Special K.

The case, known as the Special Kase, was a one-off that took a crew of designers four weeks to create.

This Is Local London:

Jo is an actress drafted in to take the case on the Tube while being filmed by secret cameras.

She said: “It was tough to negotiate a seat during rush hour but once I sat down, people couldn’t keep their eyes off the case.

“I had more conversations with members of the public this week than I’ve ever had in my whole time using the Tube service.

“It certainly perked up the commute for some, while others were a bit taken back by my odd behaviour.”

She’s got a word of warning for anyone thinking of following suit and having their brekkie on the Underground: “Regardless of how much you love breakfast, I wouldn’t recommend travelling with a full bowl of cereal on the Central line around St Paul’s at 8:45am.”

This Is Local London:

Kellogg’s spokesman Liam O’Brien said: “With almost one in three adults missing breakfast every day, we wanted to show that even for people with the busiest lifestyles there’s always time for a morning meal.

“We hope the Special Kase catches on and has people thinking inventively about how to eat the most important meal of the day.”