The owner of an escaped hedgehog is being sought after the unusual breed was found wandering the streets.

Vets have nicknamed the African Pygmy hedgehog HP Farah because he runs very fast on his wheel at the Park Vets in Raynes Park.

The little hedgehog with the light coloured belly was spotted wandering the streets of Worcester Park a couple of weeks ago and was taken in by the vets.

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Megan with the rescued hedgehog

Having knocked on doors in the area with no success, a member of the public brought him in to Park Vets, where Megan, a nursing assistant was delighted to take him under her wing.

Vet Peter Lennox examined the hedgehog, and quickly realised that this was no garden variety, but an African Pygmy Hedgehog.

The vet said they have longer "fingers" than a wild hedgehog, and lighter coloured underbellies. Mr Lennox said: "This species can’t readily survive in the wild in the UK, and he is most likely an escaped or unwanted pet."

"We kept him in one of our cat kennels at Park Vets for a couple of weeks in case anyone reported him missing - much to the delight of the staff who became quite attached to our unexpected visitor."

Then one of our part-time vets, Lois Wilkie offered him a new home.

Ms Wilkie said: "He seems very happy in his new enclosure and regularly builds new structures out of the numerous cardboard tubes we give him. He also forages mealworm very successfully and is happy to be held."