Londoners are crazy about their cats and pamper their pooches something silly – spending out on spa treatments and toiletries while lavishing them with gifts.

A survey has lifted the lid on just how potty about their pets people really are.

More than half of owners in the capital regularly buy non-essential items for their animals and buy at least one gift a month.

The average number of pet gifts bought per month is five, with around 1 in 10 besotted owners claiming they buy between 12 and 15 presents a month.

A quarter of London pets receive spa-style treatments and toiletries, while a similar number get designer clothing and accessories every month.

Some pet owners admit going to the extreme (and possibly borderline insane), such as spending £600 on a mink coat, £1,400 on a foldable pet treadmill and £3,500 on a doggy watch.

Almost half of pet owners have purchased Christmas presents, and almost four in every 10 buy birthday gifts.

Easter and Valentine gifts as well as holiday souvenirs are also being given.

It’s not just cats and dogs receiving all this attentions – more than two thirds of hamster owners say they’d buy their pet a birthday present and more than 40 per cent of fish owners buy a Christmas present.

Animal lovers in the capital are more generous than anywhere else in the country, spending an average of £18 a month on non-essential items for their pets.

As a nation we spend more than £3.4 billion a year pampering our pets and London pet owners are the most generous – or nutty, depending how you look at it.

The stats were revealed in a report by credit card company Capital One.

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