A car which was struck by lightning during last night's storm (July 4) flipped and crashed in a Plumstead street.

Met Police were called at 11.35pm, to reports a car had been struck by lightning as it drove down Burrage Road.

The driver of the silver Renault was hospitalised as a precaution, and later arrested on suspicion of drink driving.

This Is Local London:

Picture: Sean White

Burrage Road resident Zoe Saint rushed to the car after hearing a crash whilst watching the lightning from her home.

The 25-year-old told News Shopper: "I suddenly heard what I knew was a car crashing because of the impact sound, 'bang, bang', glass smashing - I barely heard a screech from the tyres.

"When I arrived to the car I saw that it was smoking, other people were running towards to help, the back window had been smashed so I shouted into the car: 'Can anyone hear me, if anyone can hear me please let me know we need to get you out.'

This Is Local London:

Picture: Zoe Saint

"The driver let us know he was okay and we got him to climb from the car.

"Another person brought a towel for the driver and got him to sit down on the front step of a house.

"I ran back to my home where I took control of a call to emergency services - they arrived within ten minutes.

"I asked the people who were there what they saw as they were also standing outside, they said they saw lightning hit and the car just went up in the air - they just saw the car flip.

"We got him socks as the driver was bare-footed, he explained he was wearing flip flops but they must have flown off during the crash.

This Is Local London:

​Picture: Zoe Saint

"I spoke to the driver and could tell he was in shock I asked him if he had been drinking he replied 'no', although I was sceptical.

"When the police arrived they confirmed he failed a breathalyser test and had hit two of the stationary cars on the way up which were on either side of the road I believe, including the Volkswagen the Megane was merged into."

Police, ambulance and fire crews all attended the incident.

A Met Police spokesman said: "It's slightly bizarre circumstances."

This Is Local London:

He added: "Officers and London Ambulance Service attended and found the car, a silver Renault, on its side in the street.

"The driver of the car - a man believed aged in his 40s - was taken to a south London hospital as a precaution.

"He was not injured.

"The driver was also arrested on suspicion of drink drive.

This Is Local London:

"There are no reports of any other people involved in the incident.

"Officers from Greenwich attended the scene."

Burrage Road was closed following the crash, and reopened at 2.30am today.