If you’re feeling the heat and struggling to cope in the hot weather, here are some handy tips for what to do and not to do.

1. Wear a wet T-shirt, not as part of some pervy contest but as an effective way of keeping cool.

2. Let’s get some old wives’ tales out the way. There is no scientific basis for rubbing ice cubes on the wrists being a good trick to keep cool. The same goes for eating a spicy curry and drinking a hot cup of tea.

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3. Have cold drinks regularly – but this means water and fruit juice rather than alcohol, which should be avoided (sorry!). Tea and coffee should be avoided too.

4. Diet is important in the hot weather. Eating well-balanced, light and regular meals will help.

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5. Lower the temperatures in your home or office by keeping curtains or blinds closed. Only open windows at cooler times of the day.

6. Turn off non-essential lights and electrical items to keep things comfortable.

7. London has various outdoor swimming venues where you can take a dip and cool down. The Serpentine Lido in Hyde Park, Brockwell Lido in south London and Hampstead Ponds in north London are among the best.

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8. If you don’t have time for a swim, maybe you can have a quick splash around in one of the capital’s numerous fountains. Granary Square in King’s Cross, the Diana Princess of Wales memorial in Kensington Gardens and the Southbank Centre are a few of the places where you can let your inner child out.

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9. For a glamorous way to keep very chilled this summer visit Icebar London in Heddon Street just off Regent Street where the walls, bar, tables and glasses are made from ice and the venue is kept at -5C.

10. Another option that’s a bit out of the ordinary is London’s first and only ‘Snow Paradise’ treatment room at K Spa in west London. Set to a temperature of -15C, guests can either relax in a soft snow-drift or scoop snow onto the body to cool off.

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