Tickets for the first month of a Breaking Bad-themed pop-up bar in London, where you’ll be able to ‘cook’ your own cocktails in an RV, have sold out weeks ahead of its opening.

ABQ, named after the show’s setting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will open its doors on July 24.

Like Walt and Jesse, you’ll be able to get ‘cooking’ in the ‘lab’ but instead of making meth you’ll be mixing delicious drinks.

After nearly 30,000 applications for entry, tickets for July and August sold out in three days after being released last week.

More tickets will be made available this week.

This Is Local London:

The pop-up bar is planned to run for three months this summer, but may be extended due to demand.

Other than when and a few sketchy details of what, little else has so far been revealed about ABQ which is the brainchild of neighbourhood guide app Locappy and the people who did an owl cafe in London earlier this year.

This Is Local London:

Seb Lyall, founder of Locappy and ABQ London, said: “I am speechless at the response from our community. I want to personally thank everyone involved in making ABQ happen in London.

“The interest in this pop-up shows us that the way people think about going out is changing.

“We do events like these because we believe that there is more to going out in a city like London. People are right to demand something unique when they decide to spend their money and we are here to serve them.”

This Is Local London:

Sign-up for ABQ is still open at and organisers say they will do their best to accommodate everyone.

Tickets cost £30 for a two-hour session.