This “extraordinary structure” inspired by the London Underground is opening soon in Kensington Gardens and you'll be able to explore its multi-coloured interior.

The giant tent has been unveiled as the 15th annual summer pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery.

Consisting of panels of translucent, multi-coloured polymer "wrapped like webbing", the double-skinned, temporary tunnelled structure features a "secret corridor" and stained glass-effect interior.

This Is Local London: Serpentine Gallery's summer pavilion at Kensington GardensSerpentine Gallery's summer pavilion at Kensington Gardens

Spanish architects selgascano, consisting of Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, said they were inspired by the ways in which people move through London.

The space will feature a cafe open throughout the summer.

Julia Peyton-Jones, director of Serpentine galleries, said: "It's an extraordinary structure, and so different to every pavilion that has come before."

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She added: "When we began the commission in 2000 there was a growing interest in architecture in the UK and London especially.

"There's always a huge sense of anticipation about who the next pavilion architect will be and the commission has become a hugely anticipated landmark in London each summer.

“Now it's a ritual that heralds the start of summer."

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The pavilion is open from June 25 to October 18 at the Serpentine Gallery.

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