Good news for Crystal Maze fans - crowdfunding to bring the gameshow back as a new interactive experience that anyone can play is nearing its goal after only five days.

Little Lion Entertainment is raising money so teams can take part in games testing intelligence, skill, and physical ability.

It says everything is in place to recreate The Maze in London – it just needs £500,000 to make the plan a reality

So far nearly £400,000 has been raised, and the way it’s going it probably won’t be long before the final total is reached.

Hopefully this means we won’t have too long to wait until we can round some mates up and get a taste of what it’s like completing challenges in the Aztec, Industrial, Medieval and Future zones grabbing those all-important time crystals.

Before we get too excited, donations are still needed – go here if you’re able to help.

Depending on how big your contribution, it will get you a ticket to the show or team entry to play. You can get a group of eight mates together too and chip in £300 to take on the maze as a group.

If you’re feeling really flash, £10,000 will mean The Maze is yours for the whole day. Well, you might want to bring (up to 128) people too.

Cystal Maze crowdfunding(Indiegigo/Screenshot)