A video of a hapless – or “stupid” – man being swept up by a parade of marching Queen’s Guard soldiers has gone viral.

The camera-holding man, presumably a tourist, was chatting to a woman in the path of the stampeding soldiers as they approached.

This Is Local London:

A cry of “make way!” goes out from the military posse as they crash into the oblivious man and his companion.

The disciplined red-suited soldiers then continue on their route uninterrupted.

It’s not clear what happened to the unfortunate couple, though one sympathetic bystander is heard to say “stupid man!” afterwards.

This Is Local London:

The video was posted to YouTube by Steven Macaulay on Monday and has already had more than 1.2 million views.

Mr Macaulay wrote: “You better be on your guard when the Queens Guards are coming through, these guys aren't stopping for anything!”

Watch the comical video below – just beware if you click on to YouTube as it’s got the usual collection of sweary and moronic comments underneath.

It’s well known that if you stop anywhere in London you’re going to get clattered into by people who don’t appreciate you getting your bearings or being momentarily distracted – it seems the royal guards have the same attitude.

The guardsmen aren't perfect themselves as this previous embarrassing clip shows.