A single mother has declared a ‘small victory’ after bailiffs attempting to evict her were repelled when campaigners stood firm outside her house.

This morning the bailiffs, accompanied by a locksmith, turned up to Jale Avcil's home of ten years in Elphinstone Road, Walthamstow after an appeal was rejected by a judge last night to give her more time to be medically assessed by Waltham Forest council.

Around 30 members of Unite Community Waltham Forest, Focus E15 Mums and the Radical Housing Network as well as friends and neighbours stood by Ms Avcil to prevent the bailiffs from entering the property.

One protester, who didn’t reveal his name, confronted the bailiffs and was told they would be contacting the police to force the eviction and as "law-abiding citizens" they should stand aside.

“They can try to bully and intimidate us with that threat but the police have no legal right to enforce a civil court action,” he said.

Ms Avcil, 37, claims her rents were put up by £230 a month after her eviction notice was served but a rent tribunal found that this should only be increased by £80. 

The mother-of-two has lived with a 'long history' of anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, agoraphobia and claustrophobia but claims her mental health was not properly assessed by the council when they offered her temporary accomodation.

She rejected a temporary placement offer as it was not suitable for her medical needs and would make her health deteriorate further.

Ms Avcil said: “It is amazing really, overwhelming to see everyone come out to protect me. It is so nice to have the Walthamstow community behind me aswell as people from all over London.

“Everybody needs to know what we are going through, a tiny slip up, and this can happen to anyone.

“I have been medically assessed by the council but mental health problems are not valued enough. If I was in a wheelchair it would be obvious.

“I asked for another week to continue the fight but the judge just said to me ‘you seem intelligent enough, you look fine’.

“I felt so sick and nervous this morning I thought the bailiffs would have to carry me from my home on a stretcher.”

The self-employed artist has raised two children at the the three bedroom property Loki, 7 and Ella 12 who attend local schools.

“Ella gets it. She is emotionally sensitive but very intelligent, I can’t hide the eviction from her”, she said.

“Loki is younger so I explain we might have to go for an adventure for a little while, maybe stay in a hotel.

“I have had to promise him that he can choose any colour he wants in his new bedroom.”

Cllr Gerry Lyons, Labour of Forest Ward, was in the protesters as part of his membership of Unite Community Waltham Forest.

“The battle may be won but the war is not yet over”, he said.

“There will be many more evictions as landlords seek to collect higher rents.

“With the selling off of council houses under right to buy we have seen many cases of landlords putting their house up for market to evict the tenant, only to get someone else in on a higher rent.”

The bailiffs are likely to return in the next couple of weeks to complete the eviction.

Waltham Forest council has been approached for comment.