An obnoxious train passenger has got a taste of what karma’s about after behaving like an idiot on a London Overground platform.

Reddit user PirateCraig posted the following account that will put a smile on the face of anyone who’s fed-up of being jostled by rude commuters.

He wrote: “Just saw a man, who pushed to the front of a rather packed overground platform, then wouldn't stand behind the yellow line despite been told twice by staff drop his phone onto the train tracks!

“He was then told his going to have to wait till the service quietens down before he can get it back. It was sweet sweet commuter karma.”

There are cries of “serves him right” in the comments, with one user posting: “This makes me very happy.”

Another wrote: “Perfect. He probably won't clean that phone and for the next few weeks will be putting stale rats p*** against his ear.”

Have you seen rudeness or aggression rewarded with a figurative slap in the face before? Add a comment below or email us with other examples of ‘commuter karma’.