What TV watching crime has Tim committed that’s so bad to get him dumped very publicly by Karen at Waterloo station?

A picture was shared on Facebook yesterday showing a woman holding a sign which read: “Tim, I can’t believe you watched episode four without me. We’re done. Karen.”

It was posted by Charis Williams who predicted an “awks” (awkward) morning for Tim when he saw it.


Awks morning for Tim when he got to Waterloo today!

Posted by Charis Williams on Monday, June 8, 2015

We’re going out on a limb here, but we’re going to predict Tim and Karen are (were?) in a relationship and Tim has committed the cardinal sin of watching a TV boxset alone ahead of his girlfriend.

So far reaction on social media to seeing the picture has been on Karen’s side.

Picture-sharing Charis said: “I'd have the same reaction if it was suits or gossip girl.”

On Imgur, happyskittles said: “If it was GOT (Game of Thrones) I would be 100% on Karen's side.”

Zathura344 added: “Netflix Adultery is the leading cause of divorce in the entire world, trust me I'm from the Internet.”

Elsior was more sympathetic to Tim, writing on Reddit: “It's about context. If Karen is complaining about Tim watching episode four of Game of Thrones in the same week that episode nine is out, then really Tim should drop Karen for being so god damn slow.”

Whether it was Game of Thrones that sparked this public retribution, or some other show people have been speculating on such as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, I’m afraid we don’t know.

We suspect this will turn out to be some sort of sneaky marketing stunt but at least for now it’s a bit of fun – well, maybe not for Tim.

If you can shed any light on who Tim and Karen are, or what show has seemingly led to their relationship’s demise, please get in touch on the comments below or by email. Nosily, we’d love to know more!