An outraged car owner has released CCTV footage he says shows a council street cleaner causing £1,000-worth of damage to his BMW.

The road sweeper wearing Waltham Forest council uniform was filmed appearing to bump his trolley into the parked car in Winns Terrace, Walthamstow, on Tuesday (May 26).

The car owner, Samir Sabbir, of Winns Terrace, said he wtinessed the incident while visiting an off-license and it was filmed by CCTV camera on his home nearby.

The footage appears to show the street cleaner walking away after his trolley hit the car.

He was then called back by Mr Sabbir, who challenged him over the scratch to the paintwork, which he says would cost up to £1,000 to repar.

The 32-year-old father-of-three said: “I went to the off licence with my daughter and could see the street cleaner coming down.

“He looked a bit tipsy, I don’t know if he had had a few drinks on bank holiday Monday.

“I thought 'this guy is not with it' and he went straight into the wing of my car with his wheel barrow.

“He wasn’t bothered and he tried to get away.

"I got him back and just said ‘where are you going?’

“I pointed to the scratch and he tried to wipe it off but it wasn't going anywhere.

"He said ‘I will give you £100' but he would not give me his name.”

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The moment the trolley collides with the BMW.

Mr Sabbir is seeking compensation after he was told by the bin cleaner's supervisor that the repair should be paid for by his insurance.

“It’s been like getting blood from a stone," Mr Sabbir said.

“I am upset because I will lose my no claims discount and my premiums will go up."

Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest council Clyde Loakes said: “Our street cleaning contractors have apologised for the accident and passed the matter to their insurance company, which is in the process of handling the claim for the repairs to our resident’s vehicle.”