Hearing a great tune is most likely to put a smile on your face in the morning – but having sex really helps too.

Researchers have been quizzing people on what makes them happy, or miserable, at the start of the day.

According to the results, the top 5 things that brighten the British day are:

  1. A great tune (57%)
  2. Seeing the sun rise (46%)
  3. Having sex (45% - 55% men versus 36% women)
  4. A smooth journey into work (41%)
  5. A hot shower (36%)

In terms of what annoys people in the morning, stresses at home tops the list including screaming children, angry partner and untidy housemates.

This is followed by traffic, work pressure and lousy weather.

Based on this, it seems to have the perfect morning you need to get up really early, put some music on (with headphones of course so as not to wake the kids), get some action between the sheets (hoping your partner’s woken up in a good mood), crank the temperature up when you take a shower afterwards and then keep your fingers crossed for no delays on the way to work.

Maybe it would be easier just to have the day off work and catch up on some sleep instead.

This Is Local London:

People prefer sleep to morning sex

This concurs with answers people gave to the question of what they would do with an extra hour in the morning.

Sleep more was the most popular choice followed by spending time with family or a partner.

Having sex (unsurprisingly favoured much more by men than women) featured high on this list too – but lags behind the temptation to get some extra shuteye.

The research was carried out by healthy breakfast company MOMA, which started out at Waterloo station.

The company has launches a #AwesomeAM campaign featuring inspiration for people wanting to start their mornings awesome.