A 43-year-old man has breached security at Buckingham Palace after disguising himself as one of the Queen’s Guardsmen.

The intruder, known only as Mr Small, was part of a group of tourists pictured causing mayhem across London.

Another member of the gang, referred to as Mr Mischief, managed to scale Big Ben and tamper with the time on the clock.

And a third member, going by the nickname Mr Tickle, was spotted groping passengers on a bus heading to the Houses of Parliament.

Rescuers were needed on two separate occasions when one of the group, Mr Bump, fell into a fountain in Trafalgar Square and another, Mr Topsy Turvy, plunged into the Thames.

Commuters were angered when a trouble-maker described as a green man wearing a red hat, caused chaos going the wrong way on an escalator at an Underground station.

If you want to read the full case file detailing the actions of this group, known collectively as the Mr Men, you should check out a new book called Mr Men In London to be published soon.

This Is Local London:

Transport for London and Egmont Publishing have teamed up for the story featuring the much-loved children’s characters having an adventure in the Big Smoke.

Led by Mr Busy, the friends get into all the (actually innocent) scrapes mentioned here and also visit the Tower of London and London Transport Museum.

The book will be £2.99 and be available from June 4.