A man has photographed a number of UFOs, spotted in the sky above Welling in the last week.

The unidentified objects were first seen by Stephen Archer from his home in Budleigh Crescent at around 6pm last Saturday (May 16).

The 40-year-old was about to retire for the evening after a day watching the skies when eight curious objects came into view.

He told News Shopper: "I had been out all day sky-watching. I hadn't seen anything for quite a while.

"I was about to go indoors when I looked in the sky and there they were.

"I observed eight silver spheres sitting stationary in the eastern sky.

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"They appeared from nowhere and were visible for four to five minutes and then suddenly disappeared.

"Two of the spheres were brighter than the others and seemed to, at one point, move closer together.

"I observed similar objects over the next few days. "

He added: "I am used to seeing all sorts of things out there - comets and birds.

"I thought they might be drones, but unless there was some kind of drone convention up there I don't see how they could be.

"They weren't balloons or Chinese lanterns - this was something different."