A frustrated customer has made a cross-stitch version of his own debit card to make a point to his bank.

Fed-up after a long wait for a replacement card, Londoner Keith Clark wanted to send the message to Santander that he could do in three days what it had failed to do in nearly three weeks.

He wrote on the bank's Facebook page on Tuesday: "I've been waiting for my replacement debit card for 20 days now. I've spoken to branches, customer services, complaints, and yet still I wait.

"So I was wondering just how long it takes to make and send a debit card? Well let's do an experiment shall we? I mean, I don't know how to make an actual debit card unfortunately. What I am good at though, really, really good at, is cross-stitching. Yes cross-stitching. I'm a cool guy.

"So last night what I did was make YOU guys a debit card, from cross-stitch, and this morning I popped it in the post, marked for your head office, and, thanks to the magic of recorded delivery, we're going to see how long it takes to get to you.

"So to recap, I spent a couple of hours yesterday stitching for you, then I popped it in the post today, and Royal Mail assures me that it will be there tomorrow, along with a letter detailing all the ways that I'm mad at you for keeping me waiting. I make that three working days. Three days to make something, and get it to you."

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He went on: "Now, on the other hand, if it takes 20 days to get to you, then I will accept that perhaps I'm being pushy. And I will get down on my hands and knees and beg forgiveness.

"Anything less than twenty days, and I would like you to justify to me how, in 2015, you cannot get me a debit card when I need one."

Keith's post got hundreds of likes on Facebook as well as supportive replies, such as one user commenting: "Brilliant! You sir have made my day by making your point without losing it."

Another Facebook user remarked: "Don't get cross: get cross-stitching."

Keith, 29, seems to have got his point across, with Santander apologising for the delay and saying the matter should be resolved by the weekend.

A statement from Santander said: "We've apologised to Keith for the delay in receiving his replacement card. A new card has been ordered and we're hoping this will be sewn up for him by the weekend.

"Excellent customer service is always our top priority and we're pleased Keith has accepted our apology, along with £50 for the inconvenience caused.

"To applaud Keith on his first class cross-stitch skills, and in recognition of the time and effort he has put in, we're making a donation to his local scout group."