The Conservative Party has held onto the Harrow East seat in the General Election.

Tory Bob Blackman retained the constituency of Harrow East with 24,668 votes.

Labour’s Uma Kumaran received 19,911 votes, with UKIP’s Aidan Powlesland taking 2,333.

Lib Dem Ross Barlow received 1,037 votes, Green Party’s Emma Wallace 846 and Trade Unionist Nana Asante 205.

Mr Blackman said: “It is truly a privilege to represent the people of Harrow East, the most multi-cultural and multi-faith constituency in the country.

“I would like to thank the voters for having confidence in me. I commit myself to represent them to my upmost ability.”

The seat has been traditionally Conservative since the Second World War, although Labour won landslide victories in 1945 and 1966, winning again in 1997 and at the following two elections.

Bob Blackman took the seat from Labour’s Tony McNulty in 2010 with a 7.1 per cent majority.

The seat has closely mirrored the national trends for 35 years, but polls ahead of this year’s election were mixed.

In December, a poll from Lord Ashcroft predicted a Tory hold, while in April a follow-up poll revealed that Labour were ahead by four points.

However, a BBC exit poll yesterday predicted the seat would remain under Conservative control.