Try any of these cheesy, borderline creepy, chat-up lines in London and you’ll most likely get a slap or a drink in your face – but maybe you’ll get lucky.

The dating scene has evolved and one of the biggest game-changers is the traditional opening lines no longer having the desired effect they might once have had (might being the operative word there).

So Londoners looking for love are instead having to think on their feet and try some different ways to make a cheeky but memorable introduction.

From online and anecdotal sources, here are some of the best (that should probably read worst) modern chat-up lines that have apparently been tried in the capital. They are so bad they might just work.

There seems to be a definite tech theme to wooing people these days.

We're assuming these have the best chance of working via messaging or social media because it's hard to believe anyone has said them out loud.

Top 10 cheesiest modern lines heard in London:

  • I’d be happy to be held at a red signal with you
  • Are you on Twitter? Because I really want to handle you
  • Forget speed-dating, wanna try speed-vaping?
  • There’s no emoji that sums up how much I like you
  • Are you on LinkedIn? Because I think we have a connection
  • With you, I’ll never forget to touch in and touch out
  • Have you paid the congestion charge? Because you’ve got fine written all over you
  • You’re so good looking I wouldn’t want to filter our Instagram selfie
  • Where’s the like button for that smile?
  • I’d ask if you come here often, but I’ve already seen you on Happn

Top 10 provided by Blu UK.

What other creative opening gambits have you heard around London? Which have you been brave enough to try yourself – or been the victim of? Add your comments below.