A campaigner has condemned what he described as a “shockingly poor” police reaction to recent gang attacks on cyclists. 

Simon Munk, of the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign, believes cyclists are being targeted by gangs in the Walthamstow marshes area.

He said he is personally aware of five attacks in the area in the past month including a knife-point robbery on Sunday (April 5) where a man was attacked by a group of 12 men.

After being threatened with a knife and being hit in the head the cyclist's bike was stolen, along with other items.

The attack came after a cyclist was punched to the ground and had his bike stolen on the same route by a gang in Coppermill Lane, on March 24.

This Is Local London: Walthamstow Marshes Nature Reserve

Walthamstow Marshes part of a cycling route where gangs have been 'targetting cyclists'

Mr Munk claims not enough is being done to protect the route, despite police saying they would increase patrols of the area.

He said: “The odd extra patrol on the marshes is something they should be doing anyway.

"The police's approach locally to crime against cyclists is shockingly poor and needs to change.

“One reason why so few people cycle is due to fear of the roads. 

"Gangs of muggers being allowed to operate for weeks on end in isolated spots with barely any police response adds to that fear.

“Forcing people on bikes to choose between dodging lorries on Blackhorse Road and muggers on Coppermill Lane is hardly a fun choice at all."

Mr Munk offered advice to commuters using the route through Walthamstow marshes.

“Keep cycling, but keep your wits about you", he said.

“What’s worrying is most of these attacks aren’t taking place in the dark but in the early evening.

“Maybe consider 'buddying up' by riding alongside others when going through isolated areas.”

The Metropolitan Police have been approached for comment.