The increasing success of social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook show they have an important place in the hearts of Britain's residents. But this week Between the Lines was introduced to a site which may be one of the weirdest ever developed. aims to match up people who travel alone on London's Underground and overground train systems, allowing long commutes to be more enjoyable than the time usually spent with someone else's armpit stuck in your face.

Profiles can be personalised to include pictures of the commuter and information about their lifestyle, job, relationships, and journey habits.

Users can even search for someone leaving their station, for example High Barnet, and travelling to the same destination, let's say East Finchley, at the same time as their commute.

At this point we detected a potential problem. Between the Lines is all for making new friends (we do it every week through this column), but the thought of society's less desirables trawling the site looking for single women travelling alone on the Tube at night is frightening.

Caroline Bishop, the site's PR consultant, said: "Profiles never give the exact time someone is travelling.

"I worried about it when I first saw it, but the website owners are not worried. They said if someone is going to be stalked on the tube they do not need a website to do it. The difference with the site is that if there is someone you like the look of, you can hook up online and not have to speak to them in public."