HOODED weapon-wielding thugs from Harrow are facing jail for being part of a gang that terrified London's commuters.

The gang's rampage culminated in the murder of Thomas Rhys Pryce, 31, who was knifed to death on January 12 last year just yards from his home in Bathurst Gardens, Kensal Green.

Toyan Vassall, 18, known as "Flips" of Culver Grove, Stanmore, Kariem Al-Ebadi, 18, of Willesden Lane, Willesden, Ishmael Cowell, 23, of Sandhurst Avenue, Harrow, and Harry Bees, 17, of Parkthorne Drive, Harrow, were each convicted of conspiracy to rob and a string of wounding charges.

On Monday a jury at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court convicted the four of taking part in more than 30 robberies on the Central, Bakerloo, Northern, Metropolitan and Hammersmith and City tube lines during December 2005 and January 2006.

Delano Brown, 18, of Rosebank Avenue, Sudbury Hill and Donnel Carty, 19, of Burrows Road, Kensal Green, headed the "KG Tribe" a gang which used a London Underground map as a "good mugging guide" as they trawled the tube, slashing, stabbing and threatening to shoot passengers.

In November 2006 Carty, known as "G-rock" or "Armani" and Brown, known as "Shy", were convicted of murdering Mr Rhys Pryce and sentenced to a total of 38 years behind bars.

Carty had admitted conspiracy to rob in relation to ten gang robberies on December 23, 2005 - a day which saw two commuters knifed.

The murdering pair also confessed to the knifepoint mugging of Kirshat Ali at Kensal Green station just minutes before they killed Mr Rhys Pryce.

It is thought that in total the gang claimed more than 150 victims in seven months, stabbing anyone who dared resist them as tube passengers were forced to hand over phones, iPods, cash and travel cards.

The jury in Monday's hearing did not know about the Carty and Brown murder case.

The court heard lone women were threatened with rape and those that resisted were stabbed.

Danny Robinson, prosecuting, said: "There are eight separate dates that we are concerned with where these young men travelled around the underground system robbing people with an increasing level of violence.

"It started on 20 December, 2005 with knives and threats to stab.

"It progressed through physical violence, to knives being produced, stabbing people, a gun being produced, a threat to a lady to rape her if she didn't hand over goods, a man being slashed around the face, stabbed in the neck and threatened with death if he did not hand over his goods."

During the month-long trial two victims, Ahmet Karkin and Zilinas Jazdauskas told how they were both robbed in the horrific spree on December 23, 2005.

The court heard Mr Jazdauskas was travelling on the Hammersmith and City line just after 11pm when five youths got into the carriage two stops before Paddington and hit him over the head with a plastic Coca-Cola bottle.

He said: "I received other blows with people hitting me with their hands and feet.

"I was defending myself with my hands. I stood up and I got into a fight with them I think I hit one with my pen. They were asking me for a wallet."

One of the men then moved forward and stabbed him in the thigh at which point he gave them his wallet.

On December 21, terrified Central line passengers pulled the emergency cord between Perivale and Hanger Lane after another spate of muggings.

But the teenagers opened the train's interconnecting doors to escape alongside the train tracks.

On December 29 they robbed Bakerloo line passengers, terrorising them with a gun, knives, and threatened to rape one female commuter.

Armed police and dog handlers rushed to the scene at Kenton station and chased the gang, eventually finding Al-Ebadi cowering behind an electricity substation.

A sniffer dog found a knife and a SIM card he had dumped nearby.

He denied he was a gang member, claiming to have run away in fear when he saw the others rushing towards him.

But he was linked to an earlier robbery by CCTV footage.

Vassall, Bees, Cowell, and Al-Ebadi, were each convicted of conspiracy to rob between December 18, 2005 and January 15 last year.

Vassall was also convicted of wounding Zilinas Jazdauska with intent on December 23, 2005 Bees was convicted of two counts of wounding with intent on January 11 and 14, 2006, and Cowell was found guilty of a similar charge on January 11 against passenger Daniel Longhurst.

All verdicts were unanimous except for the wounding verdict against Vassall which was by a ten-to-one majority.

Andre Lake, 22, known as "The Doctor" of Kenmore Road, Kenton, was cleared of conspiracy to rob but despite Lake's acquittal Judge Henry Blacksell QC bound him over to be of good behaviour in the sum of £300 for 12 months.

Bees lashed out and had to be bundled out of the dock by three security guards as he screamed: "I can't handle this s--t man, get me out of here man."

The judge adjourned sentencing until March 19, when Vassall, Al-Ebadi, Bees and Cowell will be sentenced with Dennis and Chidi.

Aaron Dennis, 19, known as "Red Rat" and Sebastian Chidi, 18, known as "Icer" or "Grove" had earlier admitted conspiracy to rob and wounding offences.

Police had found a London Underground map on his bedroom wall, which had been turned into a "good mugging guide" rating the best and worst hunting grounds on the network.