A distraught mother has issued a desperate plea for information over the whereabouts of her missing son, eight weeks after his disappearance.

The family of father-of-two Ambrose Ball, 31, fear he may be dead after spending two "agonising" months searching for him.

The wreckage of Mr Ball’s car was found in Watermead Way, on the border of Tottenham and Walthamstow, after an accident at around 3am on January 24.

According to police, the car lost one of its front wheels and continued further down the road, coming to rest next to Tottenham Marshes.

That evening, Mr Ball, who was living in Tottenham at the time, had been out with friends at The Fox pub in Green Lanes, Palmers Green.

The following Monday, three days after he was reported missing, police carried out a marine and fingertip search across the border of the two boroughs, into Walthamstow Wetlands.

Ruth Lovell, 50, was first alerted to the accident hours after it happened.

She said: “As soon as he turned up I knew something was wrong.

"I told him to take me straight down to where the car had crashed”

“I went to Whipps Cross Hospital, I phoned every hospital.

"I could think of and we searched everywhere.

“Ambrose has always been my backbone, my support. He would not leave his family.

“We usuallly speak four or five times a week, every week.

"I know something has happened to him. I do not think he is alive.

"If he walked through my door tomorrow I would go and get myself sectioned – that is how sure I am that something has happened to him.

“People think I’m crazy, that I’ve gone mad, but I know my son. He loves his family and his children.

“How does a man just disappear?”

Mr Ball is described by his family as "loving" and "kind".

“He is the first one to help you out if you need anything,” Miss Lovell added.

The family have also criticised the police who they believe have not taken their fears seriously.

"We reported it on Saturday morning at 10.30 am after his so called friend came to my house and informed me that he was concerned as he can't find Ambrose," Miss Lovell said.

“He told me of the events that took place that morning. I then phoned the police again while searching the marshes with friends and family at 9.30 pm.

Mr Ball's car was found in Watermead Way

“They keep contradicting themselves.

“They searched for six hours three days later.

"We have been completely ignored, passed from one DC to another.

“I just want to know what happened to my son.”

When police first appealed for information from the public they gave the wrong date and misinformation regarding a tattoo.

Miss Lovell is appealing for anyone who was in The Fox Pub that evening and may have information to come forward.