Stella Creasy MP has slammed 'dirty ticks' by her political opponents after a spoof article reported she had defected to UKIP.

A group calling itself Walthamstow Toss published a report online, mocked up to look like it was produced by the BBC, which claimed Ms Creasy had decided to back the anti-European Union, anti-immigration party. 

Quoting Miss Creasy on her reasons for joining UKIP, she was quoted as saying: "In Walthamstow we have enormous problems with immigration from Hackney and Stoke Newington.

"If there's one thing I hate more than Jar Jar Binks it's jumped up trendies coming here on their Pashley bikes dressed like lumberjacks driving up the price of housing for the good people of Walthamstow."

The quote continues: "Walthamstow is full, it's time to get control of our borders and stop this madness.

"That's why I'm backing Nigel Farage's 'Go Back to Stokey' campaign and leaving Labour.

"Also, I look good in purple."

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The spoof article reporting Stella Creasy's defection to UKIP

Some people on social media appeared to be fooled by the article.

But Miss Creasy said it was being used to turn voters against her.

She took to Facebook and Twitter to say "another party", which she did not name, was making political gain from the spoof.

She wrote: “Have been given evidence member of another political party ringing people in Walthamstow claiming I have actually defected to UKIP and that @walthamstowtoss spoof is real BBC article. Stop now or I will report you - Walthamstow deserves better! ‪#‎dirtytricks‬,” she posted on Facebook.

After a conversation with constituents, she claimed residents had been misled.

She posted: “Don't think it is funny to target elderly residents and mislead them, showing them the article headline and suggesting that it is real news piece. Not everyone reads the daily mash.”


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