Savvy students grilled two politicians on what they could do to improve the education system.

Nick Boles MP, a minister for the departments of business and education, was joined by Harrow East MP Bob Blackman for a tour of Stanmore College, in Elm Park, Stanmore, yesterday.

Students from the college jumped at the chance to ask the Conservative politicians how they plan to improve the education system, asking questions on subjects such as sport, media studies and apprenticeships.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Boles said: “They are a nice, young bunch of students – they were really confident and keen, and I am sure they will all do very well.”

Principal Jacqui Mace then showed the MPs around the school’s gym, library and into lessons.

The staff member and apprentice George Pearce was pounced upon by the education minister, who insisted on taking a ‘selfie’ with the apprentice - something he tries to do with every apprentice he meets.

The visitors held a strong interest in the vocational courses offered by the college, along with the number of apprentices delivered or offered by the school.

Mr Blackman said: “It is always a pleasure to be invited to the college and visiting with Nick helps pupils to know that the government cares for their education.

“Some people think that vocational training is somehow frowned upon as second class or as less important, but it is important that people match their skills for the type of education they need and apprenticeships can help with that.”