A Richmond man committed suicide just days after he was arrested for allegedly harassing his ex-girlfriend, an inquest heard.

Declan Scott, 37, was found hanging in the study of his flat in Beverley Lodge, Paradise Road, on July 5, 2013.

He had been struggling to cope with the breakdown of a relationship with Tara Cullen, West London Coroner’s Court heard on Wednesday, December 17.

Ms Cullen told the court she had been in a relationship with Mr Scott, originally from Dublin, for about six months, before they split up in February 2013.

After the relationship ended, Mr Scott became "introverted" and "withdrawn" and started drinking more heavily during the week, the court heard.

He was arrested on July 5, 2013, on suspicion of harassing Ms Cullen before being cautioned by police.

When asked by Coroner Chinyere Inyama what could have triggered Mr Scott to commit suicide, Ms Cullen said: “I would imagine his arrest.

“I told police he made a reference that he said things were pointless and I felt his behaviour towards me was out of control.”

Ms Cullen described Mr Scott as a “lovely, gentle man”.

She added: “[He was] obviously very troubled towards the end of his life but I just want it on the record that he was a nice man.”

Mr Scott initially broke up with Ms Cullen because of a work colleague commenting “I wouldn’t put you with her”, according to a statement from his brother, Brendan.

Mr Scott’s friend Jean-Paul Motteux told Mr Inyama that he believed it “all got too much for him”.

He said: “The arrest was the trigger - I think he was a very proud person and he would have felt ashamed.”

Mr Motteux said, towards the end of his life, Mr Cullen was “preoccupied” and only wanted to discuss his failed relationship with Ms Cullen.

He said: “He was saying that he messed up - this was the girl that he loved.”

Mr Scott was seeing a psychiatrist for his depression and had contacted the Samaritans, the court heard.

Having listened to all the evidence, Mr Inyama concluded Mr Scott had taken his own life.