An investigation has been carried out into an ‘obscene’ names change on a woman’s gas safety certificate.

Anne Dally of Fairview Close was shocked when she discovered that after making a complaint about an Ascham Homes contractor over her toilet repair her name had been changed on her records to ‘@@@@ U Mrs A Dally’.

The 55-year-old who suffers from mobility problems and depression said she felt victimised in her own home after the 'obscene' name change.

She said: “It felt horrible. To know that someone had done that to me, someone who has access to my home.

“I suffer from depression and it just made me feel awful, like I am a joke.”

A spokesman for Ascham Homes said an investigation was carried out, but the culprit was not identified.

He said: “We are aware of the issue with Mrs Dally’s gas safety certificate and we and our contractors have offer our sincere apologies to Mrs Dally for any offence caused.

“Our contractor carried out a full investigation and we are unable to determine whether there was a deliberate attempt to write an offensive comment, however we appreciate that Mrs Dally saw it this way and that if this was the case this is completely unacceptable.

“We have now changed our computerised system which would enable us to identify which members of staff changed the system and suitable action to be taken. Aston wrote to all members of staff making them aware that incidents like this could be treated as gross misconducted going forward."

Mrs Dally was paid £70 compensation after waiting 16 days for her toilet to be fixed.

Ascham Homes spokesman said: “Since this issue took place, we have taken steps to improve waiting times of repairs and particular taking into account the needs of vulnerable and disabled residents.”