Are you a woman aged 18 to 24, with a socialist leaning and a hankering for barbecue ribs? Great, we’ve found you, you’re the typical News Shopper reader.

Pollsters at YouGov have determined the profiles of various types of people, from readers of newspapers to fans of football clubs and users of train lines and the like and they’ve thrown up some results that range from fascinating to shocking and just plain amusing.

Here are some of our favourites:

This Is Local London: National Lottery

News Shopper readers love the National Lottery Results Show

According to the poll – based on a whopping sample size of 25 – Shopper readers’ favourite TV programme is the Saturday night Lottery draw.

This Is Local London: JEREMY KYLE: Set to front a campaign to get people off benefits

Stuck in a room with Kyle, Sugar and Morgan? Sounds like a party

It gets weirder. News Shopper readers’ favourite celebrities are Jeremy Kyle, Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar. If you read Shopper (and who doesn’t) then you are likely to be a young woman who also enjoys knitting, darts and fried chicken.

This Is Local London: Jenny's week: hummus and an unexpected picnic

mmm, hummus

Where’s the buffet car?

We know from Twitter what Southeastern customers hate, but YouGov tells us what they love, and that’s steamed pork dumplings and hummus.

This Is Local London: Millwall visit Huish Park on Friday - kick-off 3pm!

Lions to the right

The speedometer-style dial for political leanings on the profile for Millwall fans is so far to the right it is nearly off the scale. Looks broken to me. Dustin Hoffman is their favourite celebrity.

This Is Local London: The people's favourite...James Stewart, centre, in It's A Wonderful Life

Old age football              

The typical Charlton fan is over 60 and loves suet pudding and stewed prunes. Their favourite film is It’s a Wonderful Life.

This Is Local London: Watford boss Malky Mackay says his side must be more clinical after 3-2 defeat to Crystal Palace. Picture: Action Images

Eagles fans enjoy The Football League Show

...Getting ready for next season?

This Is Local London: Sir Alan Sugar's Apprentice sidekick Margaret Mountford says she is to leave the show.


Lord Alan Sugar’s old sidekick Margaret Mountford is Crystal Palace fans’ favourite celebrity, apparently. Don’t spit out your cornflakes just yet, Holmesdale regulars, because you also like the old University Challenge host Bamber Gascoigne. What’s not surprising is that former Lions owner Theo Paphitis features in the Millwall fans’ list.

This Is Local London: japan.jpg

Want to read about Japan?

News Shopper readers have a niche interest in Japan, according to the stats. Stand by for more stories about Tokyo in our next edition.

This Is Local London: Butter contains CLA, a powerful anti-cancer compound

For butter or worse

No less than FOUR types of spreadable butter alternative feature on the Millwall fans’ top ten list of favourite brands. That’s Bertolli, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Stork and Flora ProActiv