Dozens of campaigners travelled across the country to unfurl a seven mile long pink scarf knitted in protest at nuclear weapons.

A group of 30 people from the Wimbledon Disarmament Coalition (WDC) joined thousands of other anti-nuclear campaigners in Aldermaston on the 69th anniversary of the bombing by the United States of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War II.

Having previously stated the scarf would be broken up and distributed to third world countries for blankets, the group have said this is no longer the case.

Joanna Bazley, secretary and organiser for WDC said: "It was a wonderful day.

"The seven mile target, which at one time seemed an impossible dream, was comfortably exceeded and it was an emotional experience to meet so many other people who shared our determination to reveal the reality of the two nuclear bomb factories in the peaceful Berkshire countryside."

The group visited the site on Saturday, August 9 where sections of the scarf were connected and a two minute silence was held, followed by an inter-faith service and singing.