A sewage works' notorious stench could become a thing of the past after Thames Water submitted transformation plans.

The company is set to revamp Deepham sewage works in Picketts Lock, Edmonton for £250million and have given their plans to Enfield Borough Council.

Regular protests and heated council meetings have taken place over the years due to the foul odour, the target of the ‘stop the stink’ campaign.

However prayers may have been answered at Thames Water, which claims it will reduce the smell by 99 per cent.

Head of the project Nick Butler said: “Submitting this planning application is great news for local residents and watercourses. The upgrade will significantly reduce odour from the sewage works as well as improving local river water quality.

"We have spent an extra seven weeks having very productive conversations with Enfield residents, listening and acting on their priorities, needs and concerns.

“This time has been invaluable in putting together what I now believe to be a very robust plan to upgrade Deephams sewage works – one we are fully committed to delivering.

“The work has to happen, and I’m delighted that all of the people we have spoken to agree with the revised plans to include extra measures to deal with the smelliest part of the works.”

The upgrade, which will take around three years to build with 20 per cent of jobs needed to revamp the site, going to local residents.