Some bizarre pictures have been posted on the internet, presumably to start a new commuter craze of 'bring your own' Tube seat.

The two hipsters in the Reddit photos are casually reading while perched on a swivel office chair and an armchair respectively, near Oval station on the Northern Line.

One of the seated gents is reading his Kindle (in the armchair, obviously), while the other is flicking through a magazine and listening to his iPod.

True to form, both hipsters are being ignored by fellow commuters.

If anyone reading this has ever experienced the Northern Line during rush-hour, this 'bring a seat' craze is either a brilliant idea and the only way to rest your weary posterior in the morning/evening, or a space hogging annoyance for all concerned.

Dude on the Tube #1:

This Is Local London:


Dude on the Tube #2: 

This Is Local London: