One of the world’s leading brands which has been manufacturing in Harrow for decades has committed to a future in the borough.

After more than a year of uncertainty for the business, Kodak has announced it will continue to operate in Harrow with the possibility of expanding in the future.

The factory in Headstone Drive, Harrow, is the company’s only facility producing printing paper which is shipped all over the world.

Despite being threatened with bankruptcy, the company responsible for the Harrow site has been re-launched as Kodak Alaris, after breaking away from the American arm of the business.

Speaking exclusively to the Harrow Times, head of the company Lee Palmer said: “We want to let the people of Harrow know we are still here and we are here to stay.

“The site is vital to the future of the company and all the global manufacture of all colour negative paper is done in Harrow.

“It is early stages in the company at the moment and it is hard to say if there will be investment in the site, but now we have stability we can look to move forward.”

The new company, which includes personal imaging and document imaging, was bought by the UK Kodak Pension Plan from Eastman Kodak in September this year.

Mr Palmer added: “Now that the company is UK-registered and with the manufacturing based here, our future is very much in our own hands.

“Now there are certain things we can do as a company which may not have been able to do if were still part of Eastman.”

The Harrow site provides printing paper for professional use with mural images and also personal use by amateur photographers.

The company has been in the area for more than 60 years and was once the largest employer in the borough.

However in recent years, due to financial difficulties and cuts, large parts of the site have been sold off for development.