Pop star Kate Nash returned to her home town of Harrow today to film the video for her upcoming Christmas single.

The singer songwriter took a small film crew to shoot for I Hate You This Christmas at locations including Harrow Skate Park, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Trinity bar, in Station Road, where she held her first gig.

Nash, 26, who had a number two hit with Foundations in 2007, has been touring the country in recent months and says she enjoys returning to Harrow when she gets the chance.

Speaking to the Harrow Times on the set of her music video, Nash said: “I love Harrow – it’s my home. I don’t get a chance to come back very often but I’ll be here for Christmas.

“I like the people and the bars, especially Trinity, where we’re filming today and where I did my first gig.”

Speaking about her upcoming single, she added: “It’s very festive. It’s about getting cheated on at Christmas and feeling bummed out. I think everyone has gone through something like that at some time in their lives.”