A man who jumped in front of a moving train to rescue a woman from the tracks has been nominated for a Merton Civic Award in the act of courage category.

Osman Dean, from Mitcham, was waiting for his rush hour train home at Stockwell station on April 30 when a woman collapsed head first onto the tracks.

With little thought for his own safety Mr Dean jumped onto the tracks to as the train was approaching and pulled her to safety with the help of another bystander.

He said: "There was no sign that the train was stopping.

"For a second I thought I might be electrocuted, so when I jumped I made sure I had no contact with the track.

"My face was towards the train and I could only just move the woman slightly.

"There was another gentleman who was standing on the platform who helped me lift her."

The train stopped just a few feet away from him after underground operators who were monitoring the station saw him on the tracks.

Mr Dean added: "When the woman fell a lot of people were taking pictures of her.

"They were more interested in taking pictures, they weren’t even shouting or trying to stop the train.

"If it wasn’t for the people upstairs who saw on monitors that I jumped down the track, anything could have happened."

Mr Dean hopes the award will encourage others to show bravery in their own lives.

He said: "When you do such thing you don’t think about media attention.

"I’m not encouraging people to risk their lives but to help when they can." To nominate someone for an award, complete and send in the form opposite, or visit wimbledonguardian.co.uk.